A primary focus of all Nadia’s Gift funding is the Damon Runyon Innovator’s award, a multiyear grant that supports the funding of a young innovator’s lab and research. Nadia’s Gift has already funded three Damon Runyon Innovator Award grant recipients. They are Gregory Beatty at the University of Pennsylvania whose research targets macrophages in cancer therapy; Nicholas Navin at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, who is studying single cell genomes to understand the diversity in tumor types important to accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment; and Peter Turnbaugh at the University of California San Francisco, whose work focuses on microbiomes that colonize our bodies to determine their impact on drug therapy efficacy.

Nadia’s Gift has also supported the work of Holbrook Korht at Stanford University on a monoclonal antibody to strengthen the immune response to Her-2 positive breast cancer. Holbrook’s work has reached clinical trial with an expectation of having meaningful impact for women suffering from this aggressive form of the disease.